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Free professional lighting business consultation

We accumulated 20 years professional emergency lighting manufacturing experience and 20 years company history, if you are interested in developing any lighting items, our R&D team are willing to be your technical supports and consultation is free.

Exclusive and professional solution can be offered by our well trained engineers and staffs.

Tooling Cost FREE for Customer New Item Development

1, If your order quantity can meet our MOQ, we do not need client to invest any money. Client just need to confirm the order with us, then we will invest & develop the tooling by ourselves, then put into mass production and effect the shipment on time.

2, If client’s order quantity can not meet our MOQ, we have other solutions for this:

(1) Client can pay the 100% tooling cost first, once order quantity arrived MOQ, we will return this cost to client or deduct the amount from orders.

(2) If client’s design is really good & unique, also allow us to sell in some specified markets, client only need to invest 50% tooling cost and we pay for the balance. By this way, client and us can sell the same product in each specified market, no conflict. Once client order quantity arrived MOQ, we can return this 50% cost to client or deduct the amount from orders.

(3) If client’s design is really good & unique, allow us to sell in any market, client no need to invest any money, we will pay for the tooling. So it is tooling cost free for customer new item development.

Joint Venture New Project / New market development:

Any customized lightings or request, we can help you to design and put into production. We are always in a position to quote you the most advantageous prices for higher quality merchandise.

1. You can only give us your ideas / 3D designs or drawings / Samples, we will do all the rest works based on these information.

2. Our R&D team can help client make an idea to be a 3D design, or make the proper improvements based on the original design. So the final version will be professional, beautiful, special and unique.

3. Then our structure engineer will check each point & component based on the real production condition. Make the 3D designs to be possible for mass production.

4. At the same time, our electric engineer will make the electric PCB design, to ensure the product function.

5. Our packing designer can help client create the full set of package & display, including the unit packing / display box / master packing / selling shelf, even some special customized packing.

Customize Your Product with OEM and ODM Services!

Looking for personalized products that cater to your unique requirements? Look no further! We offer exceptional OEM and ODM services, allowing you to customize your order to perfection.

Why settle for off-the-shelf options when you can have tailor-made solutions? Our OEM services enable you to brand products with your own logo, design, and specifications. Stand out from the competition with a product that truly represents your brand.

With our ODM services, bring your innovative ideas to life! We collaborate closely with you to create custom products from scratch, based on your specific needs and preferences. From concept development to manufacturing, we've got you covered.

Enjoy the benefits of customization, including the flexibility to choose materials, colors, sizes, and features. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products that align with your vision and exceed your expectations.

Whether you're a business owner, retailer, or distributor, our OEM and ODM services offer you a competitive edge in the market. Stand out, impress your customers, and drive success with products tailored to your exact requirements.

Contact us now to explore the endless possibilities of OEM and ODM customization. Let's turn your ideas into reality!

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