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As China LED Emergency Driver Manufacturers and LED Emergency Driver Factory, We provide the corresponding certificates in order to meet the local market safety requirements, such as CE / RoHS / UL etc. Be in engaged in the emergency lighting industry for 54 years OEM/ ODM/ SKD is welcome

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LED Emergency Driver

Industry Knowledge Expansion

How does an LED Emergency Driver work?
An LED Emergency Driver is a device designed to ensure the continued operation of LED lighting fixtures during power outages or emergencies.
Normal Operation:During regular power conditions, the LED fixture operates as usual, powered by the building's electrical supply.
Detection of Power Failure:When a power outage occurs, the LED Emergency Driver detects the loss of electrical power through its sensing mechanism.
Switch to Emergency Mode:Upon detecting a power failure, the LED Emergency Driver switches the connected LED fixture from normal mode to emergency mode.
Battery Activation:Simultaneously, the LED Emergency Driver activates an internal rechargeable battery. This battery provides power to the LED fixture during the outage.
Power Supply to LEDs:The LED Emergency Driver supplies power to the LED fixture from its internal battery, allowing the LEDs to continue functioning during the emergency.
Duration of Emergency Operation:The duration for which the LED fixture can operate in emergency mode depends on the capacity of the internal battery. This duration is typically specified by the manufacturer.
Recharging:Once normal power is restored, the LED Emergency Driver switches back to normal mode, and the internal battery begins to recharge. This ensures that the system is ready for the next emergency event.

What are the different types of LED Emergency Driver available in the market?
LED Emergency Drivers are devices designed to provide power to LED fixtures during power outages, allowing them to operate as emergency lighting. There are several types of LED Emergency Drivers available in the market, each serving specific purposes.
Emergency LED Drivers:These drivers are specifically designed for LED fixtures. They convert the fixture into emergency lighting during power failures by providing power from an external battery source. They are compatible with various LED luminaires.
Emergency LED Ballasts:Similar to emergency LED drivers, these ballasts are designed to work with existing fluorescent fixtures. They replace the existing ballast and provide emergency power to the LED retrofit tubes.
Self-Contained LED Emergency Lights:These are standalone LED fixtures with built-in emergency drivers and batteries. They operate as normal fixtures when power is available and switch to emergency mode during outages. They are suitable for both new installations and retrofits.
Central Inverter Systems:Central inverter systems are designed for larger installations where multiple fixtures are connected to a central inverter unit. The central inverter provides emergency power to all connected LED fixtures in case of a power failure.
Emergency LED Exit Signs:LED exit signs often come with integrated emergency drivers. These signs use LED technology for both regular and emergency illumination, ensuring visibility during power outages.
Universal Input LED Emergency Drivers:Universal input emergency drivers are designed to work with a wide range of input voltages. This flexibility allows them to be used in various lighting systems with different voltage requirements.
Dimmable LED Emergency Drivers:Some LED emergency drivers are dimmable, allowing for control over the emergency light's brightness. This feature is useful for conserving battery power during extended outages.
Wireless Emergency LED Drivers:Wireless emergency LED drivers offer the convenience of remote testing, monitoring, and control. These systems may use wireless communication protocols to manage and monitor the status of emergency lighting.
IP-Rated Emergency LED Drivers:In environments where moisture or dust is a concern, IP-rated (Ingress Protection) emergency LED drivers are designed to withstand these conditions, ensuring reliability in various settings.
Customizable Emergency LED Drivers:Some manufacturers offer customizable solutions to meet specific project requirements. These drivers can be tailored to the needs of the lighting system and installation.